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Climate Change and Human Movement - Rethinking the ‘Security Threat’ Narrative

Climate change certainly exacerbates migration but we might need to reconsider how we talk about it. This article will ask itself why the climate crisis has recently become so entangled in the security discourse, what the collateral effects of such narrative are , and why it could be problematic.



Dynamics of Hydropolitics Between Turkey and Syria: Between Cooperation and Conflict.

With the rise in global temperature due to climate change, desertification and the implementation of new infrastructure, intensive agriculture and exploitation projects, the region's water reserves have come under excessive pressures. In the context of scarce water resources and the use of water as a weapon in conflicts, it is necessary to observe future peace processes from an environmental perspective.



Green Policies as a Tool for Peace in the Sahel Region

Climate change is seldom considered as one of the elements causing conflict and radicalisation. The link itself creates big controversy. This article will strive to point out to the relationship between the deterioration of climate conditions and the rising instability in the Sahel region through 2 cases study.



How Down-Top Natural Based Solutions Can Bring Peace: Africa’s Great Green Wall

While conflicts and extremism are caused by different factors, it is clear that environmental climate degradation can jeopardize peace efforts and therefore a green approach to peacebuilding is needed. But, what if we told you that examples of green peacebuilding initiatives already existed? We just have to learn from them.



Policy Incoherence over Climate Adaptation in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia

This essay seeks to explore the issue of policy incoherence as a factor that hinders climate-related development. Yet, a comparison of climate-related governance in the Maghreb region, through the case studies of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, will demonstrate the major difficulties involved in establishing consistent and effective climate policies. This analysis will provide insights into how/where the existing climate adaptation strategies must be improved from a policy and governance perspective.



The Value of Water Infrastructure in Waste Water Treatment in Albania and Syria

Environmental and social issues are often treated separately from each other. However, in areas with significant environmental problems, communities face not only ecological problems but also numerous health, social and economic problems. For this reason, this working paper addresses the support needs of communities, countries, cities and states for the assessment of water resources and their treatment. It strives to bring a new perspective based on identifying social and health needs and problems, the implications of environmental issues on water and health and the well-being of communities.



Why Carbon Offsets are Not the Solution - From Ineffectiveness to Green Colonialism

In spite of the billions that are being spent in propaganda campaigns marketing carbon offsetting as the solution, trying to make us believe that an oil empire like Aramco or an airline like EasyJet can genuinely be carbon neutral; committed NGOs like Greenpeace, researchers, activists and indigenous peoples’ groups are starting to make their voice heard against what they claim is a “scam” and an “excuse for imperialism”.



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