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Climate Change and Human Movement - Rethinking the ‘Security Threat’ Narrative

Climate change certainly exacerbates migration but we might need to reconsider how we talk about it. This article will ask itself why the climate crisis has recently become so entangled in the security discourse, what the collateral effects of such narrative are , and why it could be problematic.



Green Policies as a Tool for Peace in the Sahel Region

Climate change is seldom considered as one of the elements causing conflict and radicalisation. The link itself creates big controversy. This article will strive to point out to the relationship between the deterioration of climate conditions and the rising instability in the Sahel region through 2 cases study.



Why Carbon Offsets are Not the Solution - From Ineffectiveness to Green Colonialism

In spite of the billions that are being spent in propaganda campaigns marketing carbon offsetting as the solution, trying to make us believe that an oil empire like Aramco or an airline like EasyJet can genuinely be carbon neutral; committed NGOs like Greenpeace, researchers, activists and indigenous peoples’ groups are starting to make their voice heard against what they claim is a “scam” and an “excuse for imperialism”.